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So I'm awake a little past 2 o' clock at night and I'm playing some video games, that are nonrelevant to the story, when I start to hear a rattle at my front door. For a clearer picture my desk and work area are next to the front door as I have set up shop in the living room and everyone else has their own bedroom for personal isolation (as needed). As well the housing around me is gathered closely so neighbors aren't far between. Thus, it could only be deduced that someone was at my seldom used door attempting to gain entry. I stepped in stride heading to my nearby safe and gripped onto my home defense then cautiously approached the door from the side the look into the eye hole. Upon peeking outside I noticed a rawboned scant dressed woman with her feet barely clutching to the earth. I am not positive, but with it being a Saturday night at 2 in the morning I could only imagine this was some poor over indulged woman trying to gather her wits enough to climb into to her four legged dreamboat.

Yet I still felt hesitant as I am on the more paranoid side and felt knots in my stomach twisting even tighter. But with no more hesitation I go to open my door and before I can mutter out a sound, I believe this lady could care even less with who opened that door, she pushes against me as if to make her way into the house. As she has her one hand raised up to push me out the way I then put my hand up in front of her and go "uh, om no you dont!" She then looks up to see me, and I still have her face burned into my eyes, because her face became pure shock and horror as she began to spit out more words than I ever muttered "Oh my god. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Omg. Omg Omg. I'm soooooorrrrryyyy!!!" She says intensely with each word being louder than the word that preceded it, and as quickly as she is running, she is gone. Such a small encounter with such an odd affect.

I'm sure she returned to her home and shared her story with family and friends about her dumb encounter and it will probably be a cautionary tale for others and for my own to have a friend be able to look out for you, having a DD or don't get so wasted you can't find your own home. I don't live in a terrible neighborhood so I don't believe that anyone would actually be hurt for going to the wrong house at the 2 in the morning. But where I lived prior to this neighborhood, if you have your door rattling at 2 in the morning its definitely not someone from the neighborhood because no one would ever be caught out late at night lest they get robbed. The only ones out that late were looking for something. Glad I left the old neighborhoods but its hard the get the mentality out once you've succumbed to its hazards.

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