Disabled Vet, Father of 3
Kicking to whatever beat.
Rytmik Studios for beat making
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J Black @BusanBlack


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I felt like I've been on here for long enough that maybe someone would like to know me better so I thought I'd share a tid bit of my life.

*End Note*

Salve, my name is Jonathan Black but I go by Busan Black. I originally began my love of music while listening to the stereo in the car when I was 5. I was raised in a car for 3 years (4yo-7os) and fell in love with music as it was my only form of entertainment outside my own internal monologues. At age 11 I received an electric guitar and learned by reading through chord books, listening to music, and playing by ear. At age 13 I actually joined Newgrounds and started to post my music which of course didn't have high reception as I was showing what I was learning. But I had ton of fun chatting with others who shared similar interests and making friends.

When I got to high school I joined the school Jazz band as the bassist for 2 years. At 17 I dropped out of school and left home to finish my education in L.A. I eventually formed the punk band "Bad Kids" with close friends and we played at strip joints, trailer parks and anywhere that paid either money or food. At 19 I took a hiatus from music to join the Air Force. After 5 years of working 14 hour panamas in military law enforcement I started to have hallucinations which was eventually diagnosed as schizophrenia. So at 25 I began to relearn music and begin my journey into the wonderful world that is audio production. I didn't have the knowledge or resources to learn when I was younger which sucked but ultimately everyone is on their own path and its not a race. When I was younger I had this idea that if you weren't a prodigy and made it big by the time you were 20 then you weren't going to make it. But this is a lesson I wanted to share with anyone who maybe feels the same... Its not about being the greatest or even making it big. This isn't a Salieri vs Mozart thing. Its about enjoying what you do and turning your emotions into something that you can not just feel but hear and immortalize. Therapy is what I call it.

Don't let the world around you dictate where you should be in life just be a good human and do you.

Also if you made it to this point, thank you for reading my mini bio and I love you and I hope you have an amazing life. You're going to do great things and I know so many people will be proud of what you accomplish no matter how small or insignificant you may view it.

Keep ya head up,


Bad Kids - Suicide live 2009 last show


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