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Petty Talk

Posted by BusanBlack - 1 month ago

So I have noticed as of late that more and more former employees are quitting in droves and I just wanted to share my experience with what it is like working in America. While not up in my years I feel I'm decently versed in the world of being an underling to miscreants and to more than amazing supervisors and bosses. Originally I first started to looking for work while in senior year of high school during the 2008 economic crash and my parents placed an ultimatum upon my feet: "Get a job and get into school or leave." I responded with a "yeah of course" but then I realized no one was hiring and if anything they only wanted people with experience and not some kid straight out of school. For example I went into a Game Stop and when I was being interviewed the supervisor interviewing me asked what qualifications I had that could compare to college graduates applying for the same position. It flabbergasted me as I didn't have anything other than working in my stepfathers warehouse and high school. They weren't rude and laughed but they did say something that stuck with me and the lot of other companies I applied to in 2008: "We will call you and let you know."


That was how it worked I was told... So I call them and they tell me they're not done with the interviewing all other candidates. Ok. Well I call three more times back to all these companies over a span of two weeks because I am about to lose my living situation and finally they all say "Please stop calling us. We are not going to continue further with your application." I can assume that my insistent calling was a negative but I needed work and not getting any heads up back from anyone was straight up being left in the dark. I end up joining the military as my parents decide to kick me out. It was just a "goodbye" and I took a train ride to L.A. to live with my girlfriend for a year then I ended up in the military (Air Force) and disabled beyond repair.

I come back to the States and looking for work while disabled is complete B.S. because all these employers want to take advantage of you by paying you less or by making you work ridiculously blocked hours of 3 hours then go home or wherever for 3 hours and come back and finish up another 3 hours. No one wants to live like that and no deserves to.

So I finally start getting call backs for decent jobs like security at Target and TJMaxx for more than minimum wage and I like the terms, but again these employers want to have 3 rounds of interviews and they don't actually care about you, they just want to probe you and find out your work ethic and if your an obedient employee or if you will be giving problems by questioning any issues that arise during shifts. Why should your employer care about you? Because you're a G.D. human, mate. You have an outside life with issues that don't coincide with work sometimes and most times your boss doesn't want that.

So I just accepted the jobs and never showed up. Call me an a-hole if you want, but I did what I felt equal to the B.S. they were putting me through. Why bother with the petty shish? Mind you this was in 2018/2019 well before the pandemic started. I did it because I wanted to waste their time back like they wasted mine. I go through three rounds of interviews only to find out you won't ACTUALLY be hiring for full time when you clearly state full time pay? F.U. You want to offer me health benefits, but ONLY IF I work full time? F.U. You want to offer pay of $15 an hour but talk me down to $13? Yeah thats a big F.U. from me. I go out and get my best suit, get my haircut clean, get all fresh to show up and impress you and what do you offer me back? Not the listed benefits or pay? Yeah I walk. But I wont walk until I make you feel like you have an employee.

I haven't committed to such tactics during the pandemic because it seems everyone else is already doing it and more power to them. Pay more and give the workers their benefits or maybe don't tie them to your employer? Having lived in other countries outside of the U.S. I will say that not implementing universal health care and college is a sad joke that politicians will spew onto their voters to argue against taxing where taxes are due.



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